Together Forever


Together Forever is a pre-wedding coaching program with 10 sessions. We meet face to face (if you live near Centurion, Pretoria) or online using Zoom. We meet once a week for ten weeks, covering the following topics:

  • Personalities & Communication
  • Values
  • Love languages
  • Triggers & Toxic Behaviour
  • How to fight without killing each other with words
  • Money
  • My world, your world and OUR world
  • Managing Expectations
  • Parents & in-laws
  • Boundaries & work life balance

This is completely different to attending other generic courses with other people – It is completely private, and can be customised for your needs to build your special relationship. Presented by someone who is happily married, for over 39 years.

Similar coaching sessions have saved many marriages. It does not mean that you will never fight again, what it does mean is, you will be able to voice your opinion, have robust conversations and bring the best out in each other. Growing old together is possible when you have the correct tools and learn how to apply them correctly.

Benjamin Franklin supposedly once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

How many years do you plan to be married for?  Build your marriage on a strong foundation. Let this be your investment into your “Together Forever” for a lifetime of special days. 

Invest in your relationship, plan and build a strong foundation.  



Ten Life Coaching sessions preparing you for your marriage. Compare this investment to the cost of your wedding…. for one special day – let this be your investment into your “Together Forever” for a lifetime of special days. 

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