Personal Core Values


Most people underestimate the influence of their Personal Core Values, many are not even familiar with them or even understand what they are. Everything including Society, Culture and our Parents impose values upon us. Our brains do not know what is truth, we program it. Our brains reference all information gathered (both positive and negative) and uses this to influence our decisions, assumptions and choices etc. Personal Core Values are also responsible for our triggers and possible conflict. Have you ever made the statement “because I say so…” or “I know that I know…..” or “My gut feeling….” Or even, “just because I say so….”?

If Personal Core Values are the rudder to your ship, so to speak – you need to know what they are to be in control and steer your ship in life. Taking this assessment will provide you and your coach valuable information for implementing your Personal Core Values and helping you live the life of your dreams. Taking this assessment will provide valuable information for learning how to build quality relationships and connections.

Should you want to maximise and take full advantage of what we offer, consider booking a coaching session with one of our coaches to explore your Personal Core Values and coach you regarding:

  • Making difficult choices based on your Personal Core Values
  • What happens if you are different?
  • Take full control of your life
  • Living the life you value
  • Implementing your Personal Core Values

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How does the Assessment work:

Keep in mind that this is a fairly quick exercise and you should not spend too much time thinking or analysing each word. You need about 10-25 minutes, depending on how quick you work. This assessment used drag and drop and works best on a computer with a mouse.

  1. You need to select values/words that are important to you. You are allowed up to 40 values/words.
  2. On the left are 165 words to choose from
  3. Select using drag and drop: Drag words from the left and drop them into the spaces provided on the right, by clicking and holding onto the word. Only choose words that you feel are very specific to you.
  4. To Remove or Delete a word: double clicking on the word.
  5. If a word is missing, like “Ubuntu” you have 4 blank spaces at the bottom where you can type in a word of your choice.
  6. Once you have completed selecting a minimum of 20 word with a maximum of 40 words, press ”Next” to proceed.
  7. Follow the instructions on the next page to sort and organise your Top 20 Personal Core Values.


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