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This is a 30 minute one on one online coaching session. Your coach will coach you through a deep dive into your Personal Core Values and how they help you make decisions etc.

Most people underestimate the influence of their Personal Core Values, many are not even familiar with them or even understand what they are. Everything including Society, Culture and our Parents impose values upon us. Our brains do not know what is truth, we program it. Our brains reference all information gathered (both positive and negative) and uses this to influence our decisions, assumptions and choices etc. Personal Core Values are also responsible for our triggers and possible conflict. Have you ever made the statement “because I say so…” or “I know that I know…..” or “My gut feeling….” Or even, “just because I say so….”?

If Personal Core Values are the rudder to your ship, so to speak –  doing this deep dive will assist you in steering your ship of life. This coaching session will be valuable for implementing your Personal Core Values and and how they influence you living the life of your dreams and build quality relationships and connections.

Some Personal Core Values topics for coaching: 

  • Making difficult choices based on your Personal Core Values
  • What happens if you are different?
  • Take full control of your life
  • Living the life you value
  • Implementing your Personal Core Values to serve you (not harm you)

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