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A weekly DIY coaching program using pictures and/or quotes together with coaching questions. This is designed to released every Monday morning, giving you coaching in your pocket and motivation to start your week. There are 52 “mini lessons” in this series. You can sign up anytime of the year and the very next Monday the DIY coaching for the week will unlock.

This means you get coaching for under R9 per week. An absolute bargain!

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Receive a weekly motivational quote every Monday for 52 weeks. Make this your theme for the week and implement through the coaching questions provided. Below is an example of a typical week:

Name this one success/win that eludes you? (it can be a funky name)

What is really holding you back? Be truthful and practical.

Do you have a plan in place? Have you taken the first step?

What is one thing you can do today that will bring you one step closer to this success/win?

What do you need to do more off to keep this journey alive?

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