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High performing teams seem to generate their own energy and elevate everyone on the team to beyond their potential. 7 Habits for Highly Effective People, Covey’s Habit #6 is 1+1=3 is about Synergise. We are talking about more than Synergy, synergy on steroids = energetic high performance team engagement.

Team dynamics are unconscious psychological forces that impact how team members interact and work together on tasks and projects. Every team member brings their unique blend to the team.

When putting a team together for a project, it is usually based on skills and project cost. The new team has to go through the forming–storming–norming–performing stages before the power of the team is fully realised.

Staff agility, working on multiple projects and fast output, creates a modern day additional challenge to team dynamics. Teams are expected to perform from the get go.

The key is applying our various tools and blended coaching program to empower staff to quickly move into the “performing” stage. This is not repeated every time a new team is put together – once a staff member knows and understands, they can immediately join a team and perform immediately after a kick-off session.

Do you perhaps have a team that has amazing talent but underperforming? Are you part of a team that has power struggles or people are experiencing high frustration levels? Do you have a team that does not have enough drive or leadership to meet deadlines?

Harness the power from understanding each team members DiSC personality profile. Knowing what each team member’s blend is and what they could bring to the team over and above talent and experience, means the company can leverage a team with quality, authentic and trusting relationships and tap directly into the teams “power”.

So much Team work can be done with DiSC personality. SOME of the topics include:

  • Who is the naturally talented “Doer” that get things done: adventurer, or risk taker or take charge person
  • Who is the naturally talented “motivator” that gets people onboard: or excites and spread the good news to keep everyone inspired
  • Who is the naturally talented “stabiliser” that is the glue in the team: a great listener that keeps an easy pace
  • Who is the naturally talented “Analyzer” that figures out the details: analytical, attention to detail or research person
  • How the different styles engage and collaborate – the value of each style to your team
  • What is their natural communication style for having robust conversations. How each person can voice their opinion without judgement for the good of the project – this encourages open communication and prevents group think
  • Conflict and how to defuse toxic behaviour or what might feel like sabotage – without offending each other
  • Dealing with Stress, times of crisis, and avoiding burnout

IMPORTANT: Please remember to purchase a DiSC assessment for each team member. Each team member needs to complete their assessment and forward their report to the coach. If there is a specific team conflict or topic listed above that you would like your coach to focus on, please mention it when emailing all the teams DiSC profiles to your coach and the coach will prepare accordingly. The Team Coaching Webinar will focus on going through each team members DiSC assessment, their value to the team and your requested topic (not all topics mentioned above can be covered in one session). If you do not mention a topic, the coach will use his/her discretion as to what would best serve the team, based on what came to the fore from the assessments.

Currently Amanda, Pauliina and Sam are the coaches available for Corporate Team Coaching.

This is a 1 hour online Team Coaching Webinar using Zoom. A maximum of 6 staff in the same team.

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This product is a coaching session for a team of 6 members. If you have a larger team, please reach out to Amanda to discuss pricing. Each team member needs to complete their own DiSC assessment.


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