DiSC Coaching


This is a 45 minute private coaching session.

Every person uses a unique blend of DiSC (personality). Understand what your personality blend is. This will assist you with creating quality, authentic and trusting relationships. In your coaching session, the coach will go through your DiSC assessment graphs with you. Depending on time, the coach will help you understand some of the following:

  • What it is to be the adventurer, or risk taker or take charge person
  • What it is to be the motivator, or social butterfly or a person of influence
  • What it is to be the care giver, or great listener or one who enjoys serving others
  • What it is to be the analytical, or gadget person or one of those who gathers ALL the information first, kind of person
  • Different communication styles
  • Toxic behaviour

If there is a specific area or topic listed above that you would like your coach to focus on, mention it at the beginning of the session and the coach will focus on it after going through your DiSC assessment.


Please remember to purchase a DiSC assessment and complete it. Once you have your assessment report, please forward it to your coach. You coach will then prepare for your private coaching session.

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This product is a private coaching session for an individual person. Please remember to purchase and completed a DiSC assessment or a DiSC Mini Assessment before this coaching session.

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