Courageous Living + 3


Everything in the Standard Courageous Living course plus THREE 30 minute Coaching sessions – choose from the list of coaches provided in the course. Helping you move from where you are to Courageous!

We have coaches ready to move you from being in Crisis to living Courageously and Victoriously. By purchasing this item, you are purchasing THREE assessments, THREE lessons and THREE 30 minute Coaching session.

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  5. Subjects covered:
    1. Three Assessments:
      • Personal Core Values Assessment
      • DiSC Personality Assessment
      • Fear to Courage Assessment (Download an Excel Spreadsheet Assessment)
    2. List of Qualified Coaches – Choose your coach and send your 3 assessment results to your coach. You reach out to your coach and explore available times and book your 3 coaching sessions. (All 3 sessions with the same coach.)
    3. Change Shock
    4. Toxic Self-Talk
    5. Be Strong & Courageous

Take action now and buy this course, the 3 assessments and 3 x 30 minute coaching sessions. by adding a coaching session it is a great start to moving you from living in crisis to living Courageously with Victory!

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THREE assessments, three lessons and THREE 30 minute coaching session – choose from the list of qualified coaches ready to assist you.

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Crisis to Courageous Course with 3 x Assessments

With Coaching

Standard package and a 30 Minute Private Coaching Session

Extra Coaching

Standard package and 3 x 30 Minute Private Coaching Sessions


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