The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens has changed families. Coaches who have already completed this course have amazing stories of how clients and their own families have been changed:

  • Some started reading the book to their teenagers
  • Some families implemented one habit a week, (some one habit a month)
  • Some teenagers asked their parents if they could also read the books and they came up with their own implementation plan
  • Coaches lives have been changed
  • Clients lives have been positively changed
  • My life will never be the same again, since I read Sean Covey’s book way back in 2007. I am still using it today!

Very few people have recognised the power of the Teens version of the book, so there is very little additional information available on YouTube and other websites etc.

Animation: Part 1 of Steven Covey’s 7 Habits

Extra Video: 4 Quadrants (Urgent/Important)

Here is an alternative picture to what you have in your notes for the 4 quadrants. This one feels more positive… better than “slacker”, “Procrastinator”. Use which ever lands best to create a shift in your clients.

Extra Video: Steven Covey: Big Rocks (First Things First)

Notice, in the demonstration, Covey does not use a coaching approach, but “leads” the lady by using a lot of yes/no questions. The lady also starts answering with very short answers. Covey is gathering information to set the scene for how important this is as much depends on getting this right. This was not meant to be a coaching conversation, but a demonstration of Big Rocks. Enjoy!

Lesson Overview

Please read through the book and complete your PoE on the book. Look for the MS Word document below. Complete your PoE in the MS word document as you read through the book and then do the online quiz by copying and pasting the work. Remember, any quiz cannot be saved and completed in pieces, each quiz needs to be completed in one go. I have therefore split this book into 8 quizzes. Working with clients using The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens has been amazing and still continues to blow me over.

Below you will find additional posters to use as well as the With Impact 7 Habits Structure that I developed. Normally I print them in colour and then laminate them and cut the circles out. When a client is working on a habit, I give them that habit structure to keep in their pocket like a coin, on their keychain, wallet or cell phone pouch…they choose. It becomes a structure for them – a visual reminder of the habit and keeps the habit top of mind.

PoE: 7 Habits doc

With Impact: 7 Habits Structure

7 Habits Children’s Poster

7 Habits Teen’s Poster

7 Habits Amazon Link (Option 1)

7 Habits Amazon Link (Option 2)

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