Sport: Big Match Temperament

Sport: Big Match Temperament

Taking the best from International methodologies and tools and applying them appropriately for Sport Professionals.

It takes more than amazing talent to perform as an awesome sports person.

Realistically talent is only 60% - 80% of success; BMT (Big Match Temperament) is often the missing X-factor. We often see less talented sports people with better BMT, out play highly talented players.
Sports with impact has proven to be most valuable to players both on the field during pressure and stress, as well as off the field when interacting with family, business and community.

It is about developing sports people to be the best that they can be with professional and exceptionally high standards; not only creating Heroes but Role Models. It goes beyond talent and is extremely empowering.

The shortest version of the program is 4 months and includes:

  • 4 mini workshops
  • 8 groups coaching session
  • 8 Personal one on one session
  • The coach could also observe a the players in action and deal with issue in a group coaching session.

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