Re-Entry: Rehab, Offenders, Trauma

Re-integrating into Family, Community & Business:

Use workshops and coaching for facilitating Re-integration. Less of a stigmatism is attached to seeing a coach than a psychologist. Coaching is supposed to be pragmatic and definitely more cost effective. However, this does not replace the necessity and great work of Psychologists. It is in addition.

The program empowers people to cope with the variety of shock and challenges that they go through when trying to rebuild life for integrating back into family, community and business.

Who could benefit from Re-entry with Impact:

  • Those who have had traumatic surgery: i.e. loss of a limb. Something that causes a radical rethink of your life.
  • Halfway houses
  • People who have completed rehab
  • Military – especially with returning from war and needing to re-integrate with family, community and business.
  • Fire & Police forces – a means of receiving “coaching” versus seeing the psychologist.
  • Social welfare; abused women needing to restart their lives.
  • People returning from working in other countries.
  • Prisoners/Offenders

Re-entry is a 12-week program spread out over a period of 4-5 months. Alternatively it is custom designed according to your needs.

Re-integration = True Freedom

What's the point in being ready to rebuild your life if the things your used to do, no longer works for you? Re-integration provides you with new tools to cope and is key to adapting, finding what works for you. You need to learn how to embrace, engage and take control of your life again; allowing you to live in true freedom.


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