Health Coaching

Health Coaching is about using a coaching approach to help patients deal with their illness and make choices which serves them well. Helping patients live a life of quality, where possible, for as long as possible.

Research shows that only about 50% of medication is actually effective. A lot of illnesses are self-inflicted; a result of ignorance, circumstances, taking the wrong medication, or abusing over the counter medication.

Research also shows that people who receive Health Coaching make better life choices, which ultimately impacts their health positively.

Some Medical Aids/insurance companies internationally have their own health coaches for their patients. It is so effective that it is now financially viable for these companies to train staff to use a coaching approach. It is beneficial to both patient and company. The patient’s health improves and the company saves money.

Health Coaching results in a direct saving on monthly medication costs. For example Diabetic patients coached to make better choices, have reduced medication costs by $6 per patient per month. [as of 2014]
However, less medication also means that the manufacturers are not happy.

Health with Impact is for medical staff, ranging from nurses working and coping with difficult patients; to doctors; to rural clinic sisters dealing with difficult living environments. It is also for people who would like to work with people for fitness and lifestyle choices.

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