Education: Teachers, Lecturers, Youth & Parents

Education with Impact is about training and empowering Educators to use a coaching & mentoring approach in the classroom. It could highly reduce stress for the educator and the quantity of youth falling through the cracks.

Family is not what it used to be.

We have child headed families; some of the reasons being:

  • Parents working in town and not living with their children
  • Some parents have died due to health issues – the youth are forced into survival mode
  • Parents are just un-involved - often due to alcohol or bad parenting.

Schools need to become an extension of family and community as our children spend many hours in their care. Education and knowledge on its own is not enough, character and appropriate core values need to be nurtured from an early age.

Whilst defusing stress for the educator it increases responsibility and accountability appropriately between Educator and Student. Early warning signs are more visible and the Educator can raise the necessary flags, initiate correct conversations or handover to relevant authorities. We need to provide a net to prevent our youth falling through the cracks.

Programs Available:

  • Education with Impact – for Educators of all levels. Accredited through UFS.
  • Radical Youth – Career Assessment, Dreams to Reality, understanding self, communication, Conflict...
  • Parents with Impact – A coaching approach for parent with teenagers; troubled or not.

Some temptations & cracks:

  • Uninvolved parents.
  • Joining gangs to learn about leadership.
  • Join gangs as an alternative to family.
  • Do crime for gang initiation.
  • Do crime to challenge my intellect and provide an addictive adrenalin rush. (Can I beat the system?)
  • Do crime for survival - to put food on the table
  • Crime is easier than being responsible or work.
  • Peer pressure
  • Do drugs to escape reality
  • Do or try anything anyone says because I have no Role Models worth following

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