Change starts with thinking. Thinking positively or negatively is habitual. Deliberately changing how you think, approach scenarios or situations is the start of positive change in your life. Your behaviour and attitude is an extension of your thinking. Coaching Snippets use pictures & quotes to provoke and challenge thinking. Coach yourself, ponder, discover and create sustainable change in your life. It will serve you best if you don’t opt out for the easiest or most obvious; think of the extreme, the outrageous and stretch. Change your thinking to change your life!


War in your mind

Thinking can sabotage you or lead
you to success. What action can
you take to dispel fear?

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What's your perspective?

How could you change your approach
to a current situation or project?

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What could you do to be outrageous
and exceed your expectations of

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Develop your Brilliance

How often are you Intentionally excellent
and authentic?

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Grow your Legacy

How deliberate or specific are
you in how you impact others?

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Unconditional love in the home

Is it inspiring or crushing?

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