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Corporate: Lead & Manage

When to lead - When to manage? Lead from the front or from behind? Motivate & Inspire vs Take charge, and Control vs Support?
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Re-Entry: Rehab, Offenders, Trauma

Use workshops and coaching for facilitating re-integration. Less stigmatism is attached to seeing a coach than a psycologist.
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Education: Teachers, Lecturers, Youth & Parents

Education with Impact is about training and empowering Educators to use a coaching & mentoring approach in the classroom.
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Health Coaching

Health Coaching is about using a coaching approach to help patients deal with their illness and make choices which serves them well.
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Sport: Big Match Temperament

Taking the best from International methodologies and toold and applying them appropriately for Sport Professionals.
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It's exciting, It's relevant, It's extremely empowering.
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