A Coaching Approach for Parents:

Parenting is a responsibility irrespective of culture, race or language. Numerous challenges, movements and theories confront current day parents. These challenges more than often create confusion and additional complications to parenthood.

Under the umbrella of parenting we go through phases of nurturing, adventure, leadership, coaching and friends/mentoring. It is every parent’s hope that they do not have children as enemies as it is not the intention of parents to fail. Parent’s with Impact is for parents with teens & young adults. The course includes:

  • Communication / Complete Silence
  • Rollercoaster
  • Understand
  • Speak the same language
  • Boundaries / Balance / Moods
  • Being Friends
  • Approachable
  • What makes them tick?
  • Quality time – With crazy schedules

Learn to coach and develop Quality Relationships.