Coach Training Accredited through UFS (Bloemfontein University)

This course equips coaches with International methodologies and practical tools which are extremely empowering, moving clients from I can't, to I can!

It's flexibility eradicates the usual one-size-fits-all, and encourages your uniqueness, allowing you to specialise as a:

  • Corporate Coach
  • Life Coach
  • BMT Sport Coach
  • Re-entry Coach
  • Integration Coach
  • Health Coach (not medical advise)
  • Education Coach

This is a part time short course, which includes the following:

  • Workshops: Face to face training: 9 days over a period of time
  • Professional Learning groups: Learning & hand holding during implementation
  • 2 Study books & notes
  • Practical: Coach Clients for implementation
  • Portfolio of Evidence

After completing the course, the title you will carry is:

  • Integration Coach
  • BMT Sports Coach
  • Executive Coach
  • ...

Accredited certificates are issued by The University of the Free State (Bloemfontein).