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“Amanda is energetic about the development of potential. She has an authentic ability to engage with people from diverse backgrounds and in equally diverse environments. We received very positive feedback from the delegates on our FutureFit program whom Amanda worked with as an Entrepreneurship Coach.”

Gary Graham, Chief Reinvention Officer at 3i's Group

“I did the Coach Training with Amanda a few years ago to support my career and work as a leader. What I discovered was a passion I did not know I had and a deep love and respect for coaching. Having personally spent years working on my own stuff with therapists and multiple personal development processes that perhaps laid a solid foundation, I found the deep dive into becoming a coach myself was transformational in my own life too in really sorting out my own s….!
It was an initiation, a step into a new time in my life and a way to offer this work as a service to others in the process. It transformed the way I lead and saw my team too. I more fully understand their individual drivers and I now have ways to work better with them and others.
Amanda is a grounded insightful coach and trainer. She knows how to support her students to thrive”

Jayne Bullen, Managing Director, Strategist and Leadership Coach

“I have graduated from Amanda’s Coaching with Impact course as a Certified Life Coach. I truly recommend Amanda as a Trainer and Mentor. Having decades of experience she knows what she teaches. She is energising!

Her coach training course, which is delivered by blending online classes, individual online learning and actual coaching practise is great value for money. You will graduate with great self-awareness; good understanding of human behaviour; large toolbox; coaching skills and program/s to sell; and hands-on coaching experience that gives you the confidence and bravery to continue serving clients!”

Pauliina Maphata, Positive Intelligence and Life Coach, Nutrition Advisor, Facilitator, Speaker, Consultant

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Life Changers

Your time is now… Join us and become a Life Changer!

Discover a transformation that will enrich your life both personally and professionally. Here at Live With Impact we have helped many experience the Life Change they desperately wanted to embrace, but did not know how or have the correct skill sets. 

They now enthusiastically coach men and women. Empowering them, with tools for change that actually work – Life Changers, creating Life Changers!

Join our community today; and learn from those who are already making a difference.

Together we can!

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Be empowered through engaging and pragmatic online education. We believe that you must “seize the moment, seize the day and live with impact…

The power of learning no longer spans across textbooks and physical classes. With the help of technology, personal coaching, and training, you’re able to engage in inspiring education right here on our “LifeZone” portal.

Open the doors to a world of advantages.

LifeZone’s adult education programs not only open your mind to the world but also shape you for a better career; bringing positive change whilst building personal character.

Affordable Change

LifeZone provides you with affordable online learning to enrich your mind and change your life.

In addition, you can also learn to bring the change you wish to see in the world, by becoming an International Coach through our Accredited Coach Training Course.

Alternatively there are a couple of assessments to get your started and moving in the right direction.

Coaching is no longer a luxury of the elite. It is here for everyone to benefit from.

Providing premium coaching at affordable pricing.

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Coaching & Coach Training 


What people around the world, have to say…

Training: I have run training workshops around the world for over 30 years; you are by far the best.

Steven C. Hawthorne USA

Coach Training: Amanda, take a bow??????

Riana Craggs

Coach Training: This course has done so much for me. But you, Amanda, have done even more. You showed me the true depth of my strength and courage. To say I’m thankful is a gross understatement ?

Marelize Krieg.

Training & Coaching: Department of Education: Amanda is a woman of great character.

Mr Tau

Training: I have been in business for many years and worked with such a variety of companies and people – I am so impressed with your professionalism and quality of work.


Coach Training: CrossFit Competition: Event 5 for me today! Tough!

Got through using the mindset that I have been able to develop through all your amazing knowledge Amanda!

Georgia Hardy-Hesson (CrossFit pro) Australia

Coach Training: At the time of writing this, I have not even finished the course yet. It’s changed my marriage and other relationships so far. I’m really grateful for that !!

Rentia Booysens

Coach Training: Thank you Amanda- you have been phenomenal.

And the group, you have been fabulous. Thank you? Thank you! Thank you!

Candice Robbertze

Coach Training: The With Impact Accredited Coaching Training Program is ‘next level’.

Jonno Proudfoot, Real Meal Revolution

Learning about my DISC personality and my Personal Core Values has helped me decide on what I will do for my Madiba’s 67 minutes.

Pascal: IT Intern4

The personal focus that the material has was valuable to me.

I give the assessment 9/10 as they had a great impact on me moving forward.

This was good for me as I personally evolved and picked up so much to assist me in my personal growth.

Collen: Intern: Innovation Hub

Youth with Impact: Because I’m in a wheel chair, life after school was very scary until today.

Your course has helped me find my purpose and encouraged me to be my best.

Matric Student

My revelation from DISC got me thinking so much about who I am and my future development and how I will use it in my next project.

I rate both of these assessments 10/10.

Rapoto Intern: Innovation Hub

DISC has helped me understand myself and how to work with people, especially people I don’t get on with. I will be more patient with them now that I know why they are different.


Now I know why I had so many fights with my girlfriend – I am going to teach her about DISC and find out what her Personal Core Values are so I can appreciate her more.


(This client has since reported that he is happily married to that girlfriend)

The revelation from DISC got me thinking so much about who I am and my future development and how I will use it in my next project.

I rate both of these assessments 10/10.

Rapoto Intern: Innovation Hub

Doing these assessments helped me know exactly where I stand and what I need to improve.

This was great opportunity with excellent outcomes.

Naledi: Intern

Learning about my personal Core Values and how they impact my decisions was huge! DiSC and understanding myself was eye opening.

Coach, far exceeded my expectations and I will tell others of the different topics I have learnt from her.

Lerato: Intern: Innovation Hub

I always shut myself down because people always said I was too much and too fast.

Now that I understand DISC, I am a high “D” I have learnt to accept myself and I am OK with that.

I will help others to understand me as I now understand them.

I have learnt how to use my “D” to build my business.

Riana: Entrepreneur

DiSC and Personal Core Values helped me Understand myself more.

Linking my strengths to my visions and taking note of my weaknesses and will impact my success and relationships going forward.

This material was very helpful, and Amanda’s approach is great and refreshing.

Ngcobo: Intern: Innovation Hub