We are delighted that you purchased this course and THREE 30 minute coaching session. Awesome!!

Please note that you need to have all three coaching sessions with the same coach; this will ensure continuity and better growth with moving you forward. 

You have already booked your first coaching session with your coach of choice. When you have your first coaching session, please remember to book you next two sessions with your coach directly :)

The course in a nutshell

Moving you forward from I want to & I need to – to courageous living. Helping you create your new normal. We have blended our coaching tools and assessments with various models to help you create your future. In the lessons that follow you will find:

  • Three Assessments
    • Personal Core Values Assessment (Online in LifeZone)
    • DiSC Personality Assessment (Online in LifeZone)
    • Fear to Courage Evaluation (Download an Excel Spreadsheet Assessment)
  • Three Lessons
    • The Phases of Shock & Change-Shock
    • Toxic Self-Talk
    • Be Strong & Courageous