Whooop whoooop ⭐ So you have registered for the Coach Training – Well done 😁

Below you will find information on how to prepare for the classes.

1. Registration Forms

This is a University SLP (Short Learning Program). This means official university forms are necessary. Please download both documents below. Please complete and email both documents to Amanda before the next class:

Remember to include a copy of your identification document and education/school certificate copies that are relevant.

University Form
Course Specialisation form

2. Zoom

How to get setup with Zoom: 

Test Your Zoom Audio & Video:

  • Login to Zoom (
  • From the top menu options, choose “Host a meeting”
  • Choose “With Video on”
  • A new window will popup and ask “Join with audio” select this option. A screen should open and you should see yourself…
  • Move your mouse down to the bottom of your screen – a pop menu bar across the bottom should popup – notice the bottom left:
    • A microphone
    • A video
    • Both of these are switched on by me as soon as you enter class. You can “click” on them
      • When a red line appears, this means it is switched off. Click on it again to switch it on.
    • Test your audio and watch the green speed bar on the microphone – if you see green, you audio is working. If no green, you need to setup your audio. Check under zoom support for tips.

Zoom Links:

A couple of days before the course is due to start, Amanda will send you a Zoom link in an email for the classes. Please click on the link only 2-3 minutes before the start time of the class, and enter the classroom.

Note: Classes are recorded from when the first student enters the class. Please don’t enter the class 20 minute ahead of time 😉 2-3 minutes before at the most.

Remember to have a cup of tea/coffee or a refreshment of your choice ready for during class. We will take 5 minute breaks during the course when in between subjects.

3. Register: Online Classes

Access to the website for the online classes where you will watch videos and download notes etc. is important. To do this you need to register on the With Impact website. This needs to be done before the kickoff class, to ensure all your classes unlock on the proper date and time. To do this, please do the following:

  • Go to
  • In the top menu bar, click Register/Login 
  • The first part of the form is to Login (you will use this next time) right now you need to register. A little further down the page, you will find the registration section. Please fill this out before the kickoff class.

During the kickoff class, Amanda will enrol you and your classes will start to unlock. Thereafter, every week during the Zoom class, the weekly lessons will unlock 😁

4. Order your books:

International students: Here are links from Amazon:

South African students: here are links from

It is also worth checking prices on for your country.

You are ready!