Become A Credentialed Coach!

Introductory & Advanced Skills

  • This course is not a small course or an entry level course.
  • It includes foundational skills as well as advanced coaching skills (40 Coaching soft skills).
  • You learn to use more than 20 tools and assessments.
  • It is estimated that you will spend about 300 hrs over the next 5-10 months.
  • Complete 100 hours of actual live coaching; leaving you experienced and confidently ready to launch a coaching business or impacting your circles of influence.

This is an Advanced Course

Credentialing Through COMENSA!

Once you have 150 coaching hours, you can apply for your Credentialing Evaluation, where upon meeting requirements, you will be awarded CCP, Credentialed Coach Practitioner status.

Course Price:

R15 000.00

Special Seats available at:

R9 995.00

See if you qualify: Connect with Amanda to discuss

Would you like to test?

We have setup a basic website with two assessments.

  1. Register and then click on the link that the website emailed to you to verify you ( just checking that you are not spam or a bot).
  2. Login to the website
  3. Go to Assessments and choose “Personal Core Values” and click “enrol”
  4. Complete the assessment/course and download your pdf.
  5. Find your pdf results anytime, under “Dashboard” –  “My Assessment Results.

You will learn to use this assessment as a coach and in addition, take your clients into a Deep Dive to coach them to truly discover who they are and how they can make decision that really serves them, rather than sabotages them.

5 Areas To Specialise In:

As a coach, you can specialise in one of the areas below. Your certificate from will carry one of the titles listed in bold.

1.      Coaching with Impact: Specialisation: Re-integration Coaching

For those wanting to assist people with rebuilding their lives: trauma patients, rehab (both drugs and physical rehab), prisoners, people impacted through terminal illness etc.

2.     Coaching with Impact: Specialisation: Life Coaching

For those wanting to impact communities and families: general life coaching, relationship coaching. Counsellors, pastors, school teachers, working with troubled teens and parents wanting to use a coaching approach with their children

3.     Coaching with Impact: Specialisation: Corporate Coaching

For those in HR departments to offer coaching to company staff. Also for corporate Leadership development, Managers and executives. To incorporate a coaching approach when working with people. Proven extremely effective for empowering sales staff. Also impacting call centre staff to cope with difficult clients or generally understand people.  Most important training for call centre managers to lead their teams.

4.     Coaching with Impact: Specialisation: Sports BMT Coaching 

This is Performance coaching for Sports professionals as a career or for when they retire from professional sport. For instructors who offer specialist physical training programs. Sports psychologist to offer a coaching approach to help sports professions understand who they are on the field and who they are off the field. There is life after sport.

5.     Coaching with Impact: Specialisation: Health Coaching

Those offering lifestyle changes in diet/food and need to change people’s thinking and behaviour towards food: Nutrition Network (Noakes Foundation), Dieticians etc. Please note: you can only train as a health coach if you have a certificate as a dietitian, health and fitness, or from other organisations like The Nutrition Network (click here for their link)

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Ratings for the Recognised Coach Training Program


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Exceeded My Expectations


I have grown Exponentially

This course has done so much for me. But you, Amanda, have done even more. You showed me the true depth of my strength and courage. To say I’m thankful is a gross understatement? Marelize Krieg.

Amanda, take a bow??????

Riana Craggs

I have been in business for many years and worked with such a variety of companies and people – I am so impressed with your professionalism and quality of work.?


Thank you Amanda- you have been phenomenal.

And the group, you have been fabulous. Thank you ?Thank you Thank you!

Candice Robbertze

I have not even finished the course yet and it’s changed my marriage and other relationships so far. I’m grateful for that. ??

Rentia Booysens

The With Impact Recognised Coaching Training Program is ‘next level’.

Jonno Proudfoot

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