Life Coaching and Counselling by Monica
Monica prefers to coach using Zoom Video Conferencing.
WhatsApp or Skype is also an option.

About me.


Life is short. Let me help you to achieve your purpose in life. Sometimes you need to be lovingly pushed over the edge in order to fly.

Monica’s passion as a Life Coach is to empower people to reach their full potential. She is also a trained counsellor with 14 year’s experience in the field and studied Trauma and Addiction Recovery through IITAP (PSAP) in America. Her approach is holistic as she addresses at all aspects of the individual – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in relation to the whole.

With her challenging coaching she creates the right balance between challenge and support. The key to growth is to provide ambitious challenges with equally high levels of support.

We have not experienced a time like this before. These challenging times has forced us to re-organize our behaviour in our homes, businesses and in our community.  It might seem so overwhelming that you need some support. Whatever form of coaching you need, Monica is competent with the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitude to assist you.


What clients say about Monica’s coaching

Your limitation is only in your imagination 

What I appreciated about the sessions with Monica the most is that every week we did a specific test like eg. the DISC and Core Value analyses, the wheel of life and the toxic relationship chart. In light of these, she challenged me to grow. I would certainly recommend Monica as a life coach. MARINA

I knew what I wanted to do in life but we don’t always get down to doing it. Monica asked me to do the TQ test (Time Quotient – it measures how smart you act to reach your goals) in order to see what is holding me back from reaching my goals. From that test I could learn to improve on my weak points and to prioritise better. She encouraged me to set goals and to do it in a certain time frame. Through this planning I launched my first Wellness Health Seminaar based on Dr. Michelle Strydom’s teachings. I will forever be grateful to Monica. Thank you, Monica. You are a hero in my journey. JENNIFER LAING

Life coaching taught me that I can ultimately reach my goals if I work hard at it. Monica showed me that any dream can become a reality. One of my career aspirations was to become an Occupational Health Nurse and that dream became a reality recently. Through the Disc. analyses I learned more about my strengths and weaknesses. I’ve faced my fears and I’ve gained so much more. JULINDA VAN ASWEGEN



“When your dream is bigger than you are, you only have two choices: give up or get help.”  John C. Maxwell 

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