Integrated Health & Wellness Coach and therapist.
Debi prefers to coach using Zoom Video Conferencing.
WhatsApp Video is also an option.


Inspired to help people live an integrated life through a holistic approach to healing the body, mind and soul.

We are what we feel, think and eat.  The manifestation of this is felt and seen in our bodies.

I am a reiki healer, massage therapist,  healthy lifestyle coach and whole foods, plant based natural eating enthusiast.  I myself have been on a journey of healing my body, mind and soul by incorporating healthy eating, complementary treatments and deep emotional and spiritual work into my life.

It is my vision to support you through your journey of body, mind & soul integration.  In doing so we will move from pain, dis-ease and hardship into joy, healing and abundance.

Work Skills.



Giving you the power to stand on your own two feet and take charge of your life.


Various massage techniques working to the client’s individual needs.


Energy healing that activate the natural healing processes of the client’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.


As an integrated health coach and therapist, I am passionate about wellness and good quality of life, and believe that everyone deserves to live an optimal, healthy, well-balanced and happy life.

I felt as though life had control over me and I needed some pegs in the sand for my tent to remain standing even in storms. I suffered from procrastination and lack of direction. After our 12 weeks of valuable coaching , I find myself on the clearest path I have ever been and words cannot describe my gratitude for your help. This has been one of the best investments I have made and everybody should consider it. Thank you with Blessings. NEIL BESTER 

I just completed a 12 week body links coaching plan with Debi Rudden and am absolutely blown away. I can truly say that it has changed my life and taught me amazing skills that I can use in all aspects of my life. Thank you, Debi! I recommend everyone to do it. LINDSAY CARSTENS 

I really learned a lot about myself, became more focused, got a business plan together and overall gained in confidence. You are an excellent coach and very patient. I would highly recommend your course to anyone suffering from a bit of crisis in terms of personal growth and business support. CAROL-ANN SAVOSNICK



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