Education Innovator, International Coach and Change Specialist.
Amanda prefers to coach using Zoom Video Conferencing.



Living and empowering change.

Amanda delights in blending Coaching, Mentoring and Training. She is passionate about people development and helping people win, no matter what. Amanda is a Change Specialist using a pragmatic and charismatic approach.

If you have a mountain to climb, Amanda is the coach for you. She will help you put stepping stones in place.

Amanda’s superpower is making the complex simple.


Fail to Win.

Just when Amanda thought she was done, she dug deep and found a little more. 

Amanda understands the pain and challenges that the University of Life offers. This pictures is from a halfway stop during a 50km cycle; which included blood, sweat and tears, in a temperature of over 36 degrees. Amanda has since cycled 100km using pure grit and applying what she teaches her clients.

Amanda’s Recipe.

01. Fall down and get up immediately: It does not matter how often you fall down; what counts is how many times you get back up.

02. Think about what you did wrong: Create stepping stones from your mistakes. (No wallowing aloud.)

03. Try try & try again: Every failure has a learning.

04. Find the joy: Change your attitude!

05. Win & Delight: Nothing tastes nicer than achievement – you deserve some too.

06. Share the Joy: Help someone else win.

07. Do it all over again, just because you can! Keep on keeping on :)



What people have to say about Amanda’s Coaching

I had the opportunity to work with Amanda as a fellow Coach and I have found that she has great insights into people and how to help them make change happen. She asks curious questions and understands how to get to the point in a caring manner and offers a safe coaching environment for clients. I would highly recommend her as a coach that helps clients take action in a sustainable manner.  ANDRE OBRADOVIC 

I never believed in any form of coaching until I met Amanda Strydom in 2016. Amanda’s professional approach at our first meeting convinced me to give her a try. Thank you Amanda for believing in me when I didn’t, correcting me when I didn’t listen and guiding me when I was lost.

I can really recommend Amanda for helping anyone who’s willing to follow her lead. ETIENNE MYBURGH 

Amanda far exceeded my expectations. My best decision ever was to get Amanda to coach me. LERATO 

I feel like a new person, more confident, healthy and proud of myself. SANTI LOMBAARD 


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